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  • brighton pavilion cake collage

    Wedding Cake Ideas – from concept to creation

    Wedding cakes look beautiful in their finished state, like a top model on the Paris catwalk. But just like that model an awful lot of work goes into the design and planning before it reaches that stage. The first stage is to sit down in consultation with a client, listen to their wedding cake ideas …

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  • A buttercream wedding cake alongside a fondant iced wedding cake

    Buttercream Wedding Cakes versus Fondant Cakes – which do you prefer?

    Ever since we started this business we have always been steadfastly in bed with fondant for our favourite cake covering. It is just so versatile – it can be coloured many different colours, moulded into a thousand shapes, it stretches, it bends, it keeps the cake inside moist and it provides a brilliant base for …

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  • A montage of a graffiti art brighton cake

    Graffiti Cake – Brighton Cakes Signature Cake Revealed

    OKAY so here it finally is…..our new signature graffiti cake. Ta da!! It is a style that is definitely not vintage but rather bold and fun with a little bit of grunge and a bit of graffiti art. The double height middle tier lends itself to a custom graffiti design which can be any colours …

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  • a selection of different wedding cakes with different colours

    Choosing the Right Colour for your Wedding Cake

    The Importance of Colour Matching in Cake Design So you’ve got as far as the engagement, booking your venue and now you’re finalising your suppliers. You go for your cake consultation and you are blown away by the designs the cake maker comes up with. They have your style down perfectly and seem to know …

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  • Ruffled Wedding Cakes for 2013

    VINTAGE themed weddings are still proving popular this year but we have noticed a trend towards more romantic styling. Brides are keen on incorporating ruffles, and more delicate decoration into their cakes. There has also been more of shift towards less formal styles of cake, more rustic, more laid back. It seems to reflect the …

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  • Designer Wedding Cakes for 2013

    The trend for ever larger, more spectacular, designer wedding cakes continues into 2013. And let’s face it, if you are getting married, aside from the dress the next thing people look at is the cake. A standard industry three tier cake may be more than adequate to feed your 70 guests but it stands only …

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  • Flavour Trends for 2013

    The great British baking revival continues apace in 2013 with more and more people making cakes than ever before. With so much renewed interest in baking comes a renewed interest in taste as well. Lovely though it is the traditional Victoria sponge with lashings of jam and vanilla buttercream has some serious competition from more …

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  • The Enigma Machine Cake Celebtrating Alan Turing’s Centenary

    It has been a while since I posted anything here which is rather remiss of me but I have good reason having just got married myself! I fully intend to post pictures of my own cake in a little while but for now I thought I would finally put some of the replica Enigma machine …

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  • Would this cake make you get better quicker?

    My other half asked me to make a get well soon cake for a friend who has been ill for a several months. He was expecting a basic round sponge with a straight forward get well soon message piped across the top. Well, at Pink Rose Cakes we don’t like to do things by halves …

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  • Whimsical Alice In Wonderland Cake

    This cake has got to rank as one of my favourite cakes to have done. It is a three tier wonky Alice in Wonderland-themed cake for a three-year-old’s birthday party. All the tiers are gluten, wheat and dairy free lemon cake which goes to show with a bit of planning the same kind of fabulous …

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