• How to make a Christmas Cake

    How to Make the Perfect Christmas Cake – Part One

      IT IS less than two months to go until Christmas and if you haven’t done so already then now is the time to bake your Christmas cake. Get it in the oven now and then you will have at least six weeks to soak in plenty of brandy or whiskey, depending on which tipple …

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  • The Making of the Millennium Falcon Cake

    We have done several Millennium Falcon cakes over the years – some for birthdays, the odd one for weddings – and it is quite clear the enthusiasm for Star Wars remains as strong as ever. As time has gone on we have perfected our techniques for producing Millennium Falcon cakes and after some trial and …

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  • Edible Airbrushed Cake graffiti art cake

    Graffiti Cakes

    Graffiti art is as brilliant as it is subversive and has gained momentum in prominent years with works by the likes of Banksy popping up all over the place. Many of the buildings in the colourful North Laine of Brighton, where we are based, have their walls scrawled with beautiful and intricate artwork. Of course, …

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  • wiston house wedding cakes

    Wiston House Wedding Fair

    Just a few days to go until we get the opportunity to showcase some awesome new wedding cake designs at Wiston House, near Steyning. Wiston House is a beautiful country home set in acres of the rolling South Downs. A sweeping driveway meanders through fields dotted with sheep and cattle, eventually leading you to the …

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  • The Inexorable Rise of Gourmet Marshmallows

    A year ago we hadn’t even heard of gourmet marshmallows. Hell, barely six months ago they still weren’t really on our radar. Then a chance chat with Mike and Di of Lucky Beach Cafe in Brighton led to us making our very first batch. The first lot were not so much gourmet as sloppy jelly. …

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  • head of westie dog cake

    3D Westie Dog Cake

    This 3D Westie dog cake was constructed over three days – a day to bake, time to carve into shape, rest and then finally to cover and add in all the salient details. It was made out of chocolate cake and every part of it is edible though there is some internal structure holding it …

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  • A scale Russian doll cake standing next to an original Russian doll from which it was copied

    Russian Doll Cake

    This Russian doll cake was created for a 21st birthday party. The original brief had been maybe a round cake with a picture of a babushka on top or some little babushka dolls around the side. But…we decided to go one better and make the whole cake a Russian doll cake. We borrowed one of …

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  • Brighton Cakes – Helter Skelter, Brighton Pier and Brighton Pavilion

    Now as we are based in the fair city of Brighton and absolutely LOVE it it was only a matter of time before we got asked to turn some of the city’s famous landmarks into cake. Beach-themed cakes we have done before but Brighton cakes, specific ones to our cracking city, are a relatively new …

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  • Brighton Pier cake that lights up!

      This Brighton Pier cake was created for a client recently who wanted to have a Brighton-themed cake for her daughter’s 21st and what better way to have a Brighton Cake than a representation of the iconic Brighton Pier. We discussed the idea of recreating the entire pier in cake and royal icing but decided …

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  • A montage of a graffiti art brighton cake

    Graffiti Cake – Brighton Cakes Signature Cake Revealed

    OKAY so here it finally is…..our new signature graffiti cake. Ta da!! It is a style that is definitely not vintage but rather bold and fun with a little bit of grunge and a bit of graffiti art. The double height middle tier lends itself to a custom graffiti design which can be any colours …

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