Cake Pricing

Minimum order for all bespoke cakes is £100

Let’s face it, none of us likes to talk cake pricing but it is a necessary evil whether you’re buying a car, house or a cake.

As most of our cakes our custom-made we don’t have set cake pricing. Instead we base each price on the size of the cake, the work required, the number of hours labour it will take and the complexity of the job in hand.

A larger cake may actually cost less than a smaller cake with loads of intricate detail on it and indeed, sometimes going smaller won’t make much difference to the cost at all as the decoration stays the same.

We can do figurines on cakes. However, these will push up the price substantially as will sugar flowers, which look beautiful but take many hours to produce.

If you want something more affordable take a look at our occasion cakes.

Starting prices for our bespoke cakes

Bespoke celebration cake 6" roundFrom £100
Bespoke celebration cake 8" roundFrom £115
Detailed celebration/corporate cakeFrom £125
Sculpted celebration/corporate cakeFrom £150
Architectural cakesPOA
Three tier wedding cake (to feed 75)From £400
Four tier wedding cake (to feed 130)From £550
Five tier plus wedding cake From £750
Small naked cake (to feed 75)£260
Medium naked cake (to feed 100)£295
Large naked cake (to feed 120+) £316
Giant Cupcakes£50
Standard cupcakesFrom £2.50 (discounts available for bulk orders)
Branded cupcakesFrom £3 (discounts available for bulk orders)
CookiesFrom £2 -£4.50 per cookie dependent on size and decoration
Standard gingerbread housesFrom £55
Custom gingerbread designFrom £500
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