Cake Flavours

Start your cake journey here…

Your cake journey begins when you choose one of our many delicious flavours for your custom creation.

Whether you want to keep it simple with a traditional vanilla sponge or jazz it up with mango and coconut or chocolate and Oreo is entirely up to you.

All cakes are made fresh to order to ensure they are in perfect condition for your celebration

We offer complimentary wedding consultations for orders over £250 during which time you ware invited to try up to six flavours from the list below.

If you would like to try samples for your celebration anyway, you are very welcome to try up to six cake flavours for £15. Contact us to arrange your tasting box, available for collection only from our premises in Hove.

birds eye view of six cupcakes in a box

Custom Cake Flavours

Vanilla SpongeVanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and strawberry preserve
Vanilla and StrawberryLight vanilla sponge with a refreshing strawberry buttercream
LemonLemon sponge with lemon drizzle and a fresh lemon zest buttercream
Lemon BlueberryFresh blueberries baked into lemon sponge, drizzled with lemon and sandwiched with a lemon zest buttercream
Lemon and PoppyseedFresh lemon sponge with crunchy poppyseeds and a zesty lemon buttercream
Lemon and ElderflowerLemon sponge soaked with elderflower syrup and sandwiched with and elderflower butetrcream
ChocolateRich chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache buttercream
Chocolate OrangeChocolate and orange sponge with a zesty chocolate ganache buttercream
Dark Chocolate and RaspberryRich chocolate sponge layer with dark chocolate ganache and fresh raspberry buttercream
Chocolate and MintChocolate sponge with layers of punchy mint green buttercream and drizzled with dark chocolate ganache
MochaChocolate sponge infused with a coffee syrup and layered with a rich coffee buttercream
Coffee and WalnutCoffee sponge with crunchy chopped walnuts, sandwiched with rich coffee buttercream
White Chocolate and RaspberrySponge swirled with raspberry puree and soaked with a delicious Chambord Syrup, layered with white chocolate ganache and fresh raspberry buttercreamAdditional cost
Red VelvetAmerican red chocolate sponge made with buttermilk and vanilla buttercream
Carrot and WalnutA spicy moist carrot cake with sultanas and crunchy walnuts for extra texture
Apple, Cinnamon and CaramelApple sponge, soaked with our own caramel sauce and layered with a cinnamon buttercreaAdditional cost
Chocolate and BananaRich chocolate sponge with a bananery chocolate ganache buttercream
Chocolate and OreoRich chocolate sponge layered with Vanilla Oreo buttercream and crush Oreo biscuits
Almond and AmarettoStriking almond sponge, soaked with Amaretto syrup and layered with a sophisticated almond buttercreamAdditional cost
Mango and CoconutCoconut sponge layered with fresh mango buttercream and scattered with coconut pieces
Blueberry, raspberry and coconutBlueberry and raspberry sponge, layered with coconut and raspberry buttercream
Orange, Almond and CardamomAlmond and cardamom sponge layered with fresh orange zest buttercream and scattered with crunchy almond sliversAdditional Cost
RainbowVanilla or lemon sponge coloured all the colours of the rainbowAdditional Cost
ConfettiVanilla sponge with bright splashes of colour baked into the layers
Strawberry and CoconutCoconut sponge with fresh strawberry buttercream and coconut pieces
Chai SpiceA melange of cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves to create a lightly spiced cake. A great alternative to fruit
Traditional FruitRich fruit cake brimming with cherries, dates, prunes, sultanas, raisins and apricots. Soaked with fresh fruit juices and a healthy does of brandyAdditional Cost
Orange and PoppyseedTangy orange cake with crunchy poppyseeds, layered with zesty orange buttercream
Coconut and LimeCoconut and lime sponge, layered with a fresh lime zest buttercream and scattered with coconut pieces
Citrus CakeLemon Sponge with orange and lime buttercreams
Vanilla and PassionfruitVanilla sponge with a fresh passionfruit buttercream filing
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